Stepping Back to Set Goals

There is an overwhelming amount of resources and curriculum available for homeschoolers. This is definitely a blessing and a curse. I would encourage families to wait before purchasing expensive curriculum. Take a break from curriculum surfing to think deeply about your family's goals, your child's learning styles, and your priorities as a family.

Is it most important to you to keep your child on the same course as their peers in school? Are you looking to work on your connection with your children? Do you want or need to spend some time building your child's confidence and self esteem?

Highly Recommended Resources

Here is a list of the resources I come back to time and time again. As you can see below, I have learned to embrace the free resources and use our funds instead for travelling, memberships, art supplies, board and card games, and to otherwise support my family's interests and passions.

Julie Bogart,

There are so many goodies here. My personal faves are Julie's podcasts and the writing courses offered. She is the honey in your tea, soothing and sweet, and will be a comfort to you in times of self doubt or worry.

The Public Library

The longer I homeschool, the more I appreciate FREE. If you spend a lot in a curriculum you will feel wed to it and not want to walk away if it isn't a good fit for your family. And so I introduce to you...your public library. I will not admit the number of library books in my house at any given moment in time. Let's just say I'm grateful that my hubby has all accounts linked to his email and uses reminders on his phone to keep tabs on what needs to be renewed or returned.


This nonprofit advocacy organization was formed by two lawyer homeschool dads to provide legal support for homeschooling family. There are a vast amount of resources available free on the website, and additional support is available to members. It is a national organization, however they can assist with specific laws for individual states.

Reading Recommendations

A brief list of my favorite books related to homeschooling. If you are in Richmond, Virginia, I am happy to lend them to you -- for free, and I will not charge you late fees.

Free to Learn, Peter Gray

Raising Human Beings, Ross Green

The Self Driven Child, Williams

The Useful Book, Sharon and David Bowers

How to Cook Everything, Mark Brittany

The Brave Learner, Julie Bogart

Unschooled, Kerry McDonald

Educational Resources in the Greater Richmond Area

Wanda Laux, StudioLaux.

Incredible Voice and Piano Instruction for the young and the young at heart. Ph: 863-944-3344

Amanda Kusterer, Reading Assessment Specialist

A former teacher of children with Autism, current Reading Specialist, and Homeschooling parent herself, Amanda is available for reading assessments. During these assessments, student's spelling, writing, and reading level is fully assessed. Afterwards, the family is given a written report that fully explains all of the results and gives examples of the best activities and book levels to use for instruction.

Amanda A. Kusterer, M.Ed, Reading


Enjoyable Languages, Private Language Lessons

Owned by local parent Kristin Roberts. She offers private lessons in ASL, Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish. -- Visit her website or email her at: