Hi! My name is Liz Fishman, and I wear many hats. I have a Masters of Elementary Education and have taught first grade, Baby Sign Language, and Enrichment Art. I have taught children in Australia, Indonesia, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia. Teaching First Grade in Henrico County, it became clear to me that we were doing our children a major disservice by forcing all children to fit into the same type of hole regardless of the specifics of their peg.

The staff at my school were so dedicated and hard working; however they were bound by the limits of the hours in the school day, which were often restricted by meeting state standards. Childrens’ social and emotional needs were forced to take a back seat to the academic standards required during the academic year. So much pressure was put on students and teachers to meet these academic requirements, the time available for play, creativity, and free exploration were sadly lacking.

After about four years I recognized that working as a classroom teacher at a public school was not a great fit for me. The frustrations of following the guidelines and putting the kids in pegs before they were ready for that particular slot sent me out on an exploration of my own. I worked as an admissions counselor and have started, operated, and sold a small business.

Most importantly, I am a mom to three spectacular children and owner of two bunnies and five chickens -- and, I am a homeschooler! Specifically an unschooling, curricula exploring, project based, library enthusiast, passion-oriented, lover of celebrations, crafty, book loving, neurodiverse human, fierce mama bear, garden loving homeschooler. I’m so glad you have found me, and I can’t wait to celebrate your family’s learning path together.