Progress Letters

The Nitty Gritty Details of Homeschooling in Virginia, and How We Can Help

In order to homeschool in homeschool in Virginia under the Option 1, families must meet three requirements. The law can be found at this link. However, a summary of the basic requirements is provided below.

  1. Parent must have high school diploma or higher. Otherwise the parent must provide evidence that they can provide an adequate education.

  2. Parent must submit Notice of Intent by August 15 to district Superintendent.

  3. Parent must demonstrate that child has achieved an adequate level of educational growth and progress. Proof must be submitted by August 1.

Additional Homeschoolnig options can be found at this link.

Proof of Progress

To demonstrate proof of progress, parents have two options. One option is for the child take a standardized test. The second option is to work with an evaluator to demonstrate that progress has been made.

Evaluation process varies from one evaluator to another. In general, data is collected through questionnaire and or interview.

Testing is often stressful for both parents and children. It provides quantitative data, focusing on the particular skills your child has mastered.

Evaluation is lower stress. The information shared is subjective, and is an opportunity to celebrate the work families have done over the course of the year. Our process really focuses on the parent as expert on child, and it is a joy to see how homeschooling parents are able to meet the specific needs of their child.

We love seeing the huge amount of variety in both the information children are learning, skills they are developing, and most importantly the innovative and explorative ways this learning is taking place.

Our Process

  1. The first step is for parents to fill out a questionaire, sharing information about the work their child has done this year.

  2. After receiving the completed form, I will schedule an interview and celebratory call with your family. I am happy for you to share as much information as you like.

  3. After our call, I willI write a letter to your local superindent staring that your child has made adequate progress, and then parents will send that letter to the superintendent.

Questionnaire Link

Please follow the link below to fill out our questionnaire for the Proof of Progress letters. The form can be filled out for up to four children. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Schedule a Call

Please follow this link to schedule the end of the year interview and celebration call. We use Google Meet for all of our calls. You do not need to download any software or sign up to join the meeting. Once you pick a time, an event notification will be sent to you with information for joining. If there is not a time that works for your family, please send us an email, and we will plan a different time with you. Thank you!